Piggyback Driver

The Helmet That Lets Kids Drive Their Parents

Next Generation of Piggybacking

Piggyback rides will never be the same. Piggyback Driver is a state-of-the-art racing helmet that lets kids drive their parents.

Kids Take Control

Turn the handlebars to steer and LED turn signals will flash. Vibrations inside the helmet tell your parents which way to go.

Big Red Buttons

Push the turbo button for a burst of light and sound, or honk the horn to warn people to get out of the way.

Reacts to Your Speed

Piggyback Driver can detect your steps! The faster you go, the faster the LED lights on the side will pulse.

We Are Looking for Collaborators

We are searching for partners and collaborators that can help us create a production model of the Piggyback Driver. If you are interested, or have any other inquires, please get in touch:


About the Creators

PARTY New York

PARTY is a creative lab with offices in New York & Tokyo. We are a group of designers & engineers, experimenting with storytelling & technology to create unexpected and wonderful experiences. While we often use our expertise to create digital content for our big brand partners promoting their various products, we challenged ourselves with this project to create a product of our own. We love to party, we love technology, and we love kids, so this felt like a natural step for us.


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